Allianz X Announces Spin-off of P2P Car-Selling Platform abracar

28 Feb 2017 , posted by Maria Hock

Allianz X GmbH, the company builder of Allianz Group, announces spin-off of abracar, Germany’s first professional agent for car sales directly between private consumers. Abracar optimizes existing customer behavior by providing security and trust through expert opinions and...

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Startup Inspiration: Digital Healthcare Influencers to follow in 2017

05 Jan 2017 , posted by Florian Semle

The healthcare system is undergoing a disruptive transformation: It shifts towards an interconnected, value- and patient based model, opening up unlimited new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and insurtech founders. Let us therefore present some of our most inspiring digital healthcare...

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Acceleration Days in Spain: Check your Entrepreneur Career in Fast Motion

15 Dec 2016 , posted by Jim Edwards

Founding a startup from scratch is one of the most challenging, but rewarding experiences that anyone can pursue.  An idea is only ever more than an idea until an individual is brave enough to put both their hypothesise and themselves to the test. The most difficult part is often knowing where to...

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Six hot segments to start up a Healthcare Insurtech Business

17 Nov 2016 , posted by Alexis Brion

Digital innovation in the healthcare sector has become a driver for medical treatment as well as a change engine for the insurance business. Healthcare- and medical applications have undergone dramatic advancements, resulting in better quality in patient care and increased human lifespan. Funding...

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Why you don’t need a Business Idea to start up with us

04 Nov 2016 , posted by Florian Semle

Entrepreneurship is personality driven – and so are we. The personality of founders and experts shapes startup building even more than the initial idea. If you feel like a true entrepreneur personality, but did not develop a business idea so far, let us encourage you to get in contact with us or...

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Just Do it: How to start an Allianz Intrapreneurs’ Career

27 Oct 2016 , posted by Florian Semle

The digital revolution has made it much easier and cheaper to bring a new customer offer to live, spin it off into a separate business and grow it internationally quickly. Entrepreneurship is the most exciting work opportunity for a lot of people. It is even more interesting for employees with...

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Acceleration Days: Your personal Invitation to the Future of Insurance

25 Oct 2016 , posted by Jim Edwards

Are you looking for a smart way to rethink the business you are working on? Do you have an idea that could reshape the insurance industry? Would you like to test and develop prototypes of new insurance products with a team of likeminded people and innovation experts at Allianz X? If so, then the...

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7 Up: Seven steps to launching an Insurtech brand

12 Oct 2016 , posted by Florian Semle

You have a great insurtech idea. It could change the face of the insurance industry. You have secured funding, developed the necessary technology and business processes and are now preparing for market entry. Regardless of how good your new product or service is, its success depends on how well...

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Women wanted. Why insurtech needs more female entrepreneurs.

05 Oct 2016 , posted by People Team

Women are notoriously under-represented in the tech and start up industries. This is especially puzzling in light of the fact that there are many more tech jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities than there are people to take them up. Even conservative sources such as the European Commission...

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