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Acceleration Days: Starting with a real life problem, finish with a business solution

30 Nov 2016 , posted by Florian Semle

Anyone can come up with a good idea. But it takes persistence to make that idea a game-changer. A great deal of hard work, practice and even failure are required to move through the different stages of ideation and create a working business model. The best innovations tend to come from trial and error rather than out of thin air, as many people think. Our Acceleration Days serve as impressive proof of concept for this culture of innovating by doing.

Our recent Munich Acceleration Day program saw more than 30 entrepreneurs submitting 23 promising ideas. These  were whittled down to 6 business concepts – and all this in a single, 48-hour ideation rally. Here are snapshots of the top three business concepts – with more great approaches to follow soon:

ShareNCare: Welcome to Uber family management

Serious diseases affect the whole family and social environment of the patient, which naturally poses serious challenges for all involved. ShareNCare is an Uber-like mobility and management solution that substantially reduces transaction costs and workload involved in the cost- and transport management for the seriously ill. This enables families to focus on their true priority: caring for those they love.


SmartCover: insurance as a mobile lifestyle experience

Smartcover turns the somewhat old-fashioned image of insurance into a smart and engaging mobile experience: Users can get insurance offers on the go for all lifestyle-related equipment, simply by downloading and using the SmartCover App. Interactive gamification of the app interface creates a vivid mobile test zone for customized, on-demand insurance packages.


Don’t wait for medial expertise: Bookarzt it!

A gap exists between peoples’ urgent need for advice from medical specialists and the speed at which this need can be met. Bookarzt is a digital platform that uses big data to create seamless contact between patients and medical professionals, reducing time wastage and treatment costs by setting case-based priorities for all parties involved.

It’s not the idea that matters most in a startup business – it’s the people. The Acceleration Day teams have proved, once again, that entrepreneurship is a matter of attitude, teamwork and professional guidance.

Allianz X will commence development of a new batch of startups in January 2017, with a special focus on healthcare insurtech, cybersecurity, mobility& connectivity, digital identity & data intelligence and cyber security.

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