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Is your Cyber Security & Cyber Technologies idea like these best practice approaches?

09 Jan 2017 , posted by Jim Edwards

The clock is ticking down on our next Allianz Acceleration Days events. If you still need to secure your ticket, please go to our Eventbrite page where you sign up for our Madrid and Barcelona events.Once you have your ticket, you need to start thinking about ideas in our four topic areas of interest.To give you some inspiration, we’ve given you some best practice examples of startups in each of the four different fields.

SecurityScorecard provides global threat intelligence and risk awareness by automated monitoring of all risk factors in real time. Delivers status of security levels of every organization, the customer work with or share data. Monitors millions of signals of company and it’s partner network and categories and assess signals as malware events, hacker sites, social engineering. Provides real time query to get collective scorecard of any domain using a search engine.

BitSights platform gathers terabytes of data on daily security outcomes from hundreds of sensors deployed across the globe. Data is classified into several risk categories, including botnets, spam, malware, unsolicited communication, DDoS, and system configuration, and then mapped to an organization’s known networks. BitSight’s algorithms analyze the data for severity, frequency, duration, and confidence to create an overall rating of that organization’s current security health. Similar to consumer credit scores, BitSight SecurityRatings are automated and derived entirely from externally available data.

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