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Why you don’t need a Business Idea to start up with us

04 Nov 2016 , posted by Allianz X

Entrepreneurship is personality driven – and so are we. The personality of founders and experts shapes startup building even more than the initial idea. If you feel like a true entrepreneur personality, but did not develop a business idea so far, let us encourage you to get in contact with us or join our Acceleration Days.

Ideas are only a starting point of business building

In our experience, almost every business idea needs to be revamped and reshaped after initial conception. In our pitching sessions, it is a daily routine for us to start a collective working process by asking questions, providing feedback or challenging a candidate to question his own concept. We can’t be persuaded by designed powerpoint slides, but by entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to initiate a development dialogue with us. Listening is as important for entrepreneurs as speaking, thinking or acting. An interactive discourse with various thinkers and experts is crucial to incorporate a diverse set of perspectives. Skills in dialogue, moderation and collective process tracing are core competences of entrepreneurial personalities. For us an entrepreneur is the driver and master of the development process, with or without his own idea.

Teaming up to create something new

With our programs we aim to validate the problem you’re targeting, create mockups and prototypes and shape a solution via test runs. Our trainers and startup experts will offer support whenever needed:

  • A team of functional specialists (IT, development, UX-Design, digital marketing and more)
  • Proven company building capabilities as part of a 100-day startup program
  • Guidance and lean startup coaching with management support
  • Funding of development steps, based on milestone results
  • A smart and vivid working environment in a real hub for future business

Invitation to explore new business ideas together

Our daily work and especially our business model in the insurtech sector create a tremendous surplus of ideas and new market niches. Deep analysis of market developments and trends let us build up a portfolio of new business ideas, waiting for test- and prototype development.

Our Acceleration Days are designed to bring entrepreneurial minds of all professions together and start a dialogue about idea creation and ongoing improvement. They are a free trial of one’s entrepreneurial skills and an incubation hub for business ideas from participants as well as from our ideas portfolio. If you are ready to build up your business idea, and / or work with a team in 48 hour acceleration, join us and find out more about your idea … or your personality and skills as an entrepreneur. Sign up here.