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Robroy Robinz

Robroy joined Allianz X in 2019 and is the current Information, Protection & Resilience Officer, as well as a manager for various financial and operational topics. Robroy reports to the CFO.

Since 2015, Robroy has worked with numerous Allianz entities, including Allianz Technology, Allianz Partners, Allianz Consulting, the Global Digital Factory, and now Allianz X. At Allianz Technology, Robroy worked as an IT Project Portfolio Manager, supporting the global IT transformation of Allianz Partners. At Allianz Consulting, Robroy supported the build-up of Allianz X’s Finance Function and the development of the Digital Asset Library at the GDF.

Robroy holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, an advanced diploma in Business Administration, as well as various financial certifications.

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