Meet the most important members of the Allianz X team: Our Startups

These are our featured startups:

Abracar Logo


Abracar enables private customers to directly buy and sell cars without involving third-party vendors as well as the hassle associated with private car selling. The team at Abracar takes care of the initial, complicated steps for the private car seller while offering great services to every buyer such as expert opinions and free warranty for each car.

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FairFleet Logo


Fairleet is a drone pilot-to-business marketplace that facilitates UAV-based surveying, inspection and media production services for architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate businesses. FairFleet has also collaborated with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) to develop a network of UAV pilots ready to provide data collection and surveillance support in response to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, worldwide.

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Bodylabs is a mobile lab that analyzes more than body metrics and is as smart as a basic visit to your local doctor. Bodylabs analysis empowers users to learn more about their health and actively manage the most important health-parameters for a sustainable lifestyle. Based on advanced medical analytics, Bodylabs offers you an app-based, personalized lifestyle coach for everyday life that focuses on your true medical needs.

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Milebox Logo


The Milebox app aims to make roads safer, worldwide by rewarding users for responsible driving. The MileBox app monitors various data such as speed, acceleration, braking behavior and curve speed during every road trip. In addition, other factors such as time of day, mileage and frequency of app use are included in the assessment algorithm. The algorithm analyzes the data for specific security aspects and develops a bonus and training system for drivers.

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